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Make money with your traffic

Opted-in subscribers will receive browser PUSH notifications sent by our select advertiser’s in THEIR name within 24 hours and you will start earning for every message.

PUSH notification traffic is a separate revenue channel that will not affect your other current monetization methods. You can track earnings on our publishers analytics portal and watch them increase on a daily basis as your base of opt-in subscribers grows.

We pay you weekly on a CPM basis meaning for every 1000 messages we send to your opt-in subscribers on behalf of our advertisers we pay you a flat fee depending on where they are geographically located. We are specialised in Tier 2 and 3 countries.

For more details:

How it works

A simple 1-click subscription mechanic sets up a reliable visitor to subscriber pipeline.

1. Signup

Sign up to relario PUSH and receive immediate support with getting our tiny snippet installed on your website, blog or landing page.

2. Install Script

As soon as you sign up you will receive an email with an installation guide and our snippet as well as access to our 24 hour support services.

3. Make Money

Within 24hours of adding our snippet to your websites you can start collecting opt-ins from your visitors for browser PUSH notifications.

GDPR Compliance

Our Push Notification platform is GDPR compliant as privacy is a core value for us. Once collected, all user data is anonymised before being stored away, safe and secure.

Main Features


Through the “Publisher” portal clients can track the number of opt-in subscribers they have accumulated, the number of notifications sent to them per day, week, month or year and the revenue that has been earned.

It’s not you it’s us !

Your subscribers will always receive notifications only in the name of our advertisers. This means users will not know that the notifications they receive are a result of their opt-in on your site.

Live Dashboard

Our system has been designed by us to make it super easy for you to track everything you will ever need to track and you have all the stats you can ask for on our dashboard!

Global Coverage

We monetize all geos but unlike others we specialise in tier 2 and tier 3 countries where there is a hunger to be informed about new products and services more than ever before.That means we send more messages making you more money!

Live Chat Support

We build our own products and we provide support to our content creator clients with our own internal product support specialists.

Extensive browser support

Supported on every web push enabled browser, including: Safari (Desktop), Chrome (Desktop & Mobile), Firefox (Desktop & Mobile), Opera (Desktop & Mobile)

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